as a neighborhood organization with one foot planted in the ues and the other in spanish harlem, we are in a unique position to meet the needs of our community. We offer many opportunities to volunteer your time, build leadership skills, and affect resl change in your community. 

we are a nyc xxxxx firmy rooted n ues and el barrio. we are doctors, deliverymen, students, parents, xxxxxxx 

we believe that we are called to help the less fortunate and that a life worth living involves xxxx



The Center for Immigrant and Refugee Services at Catholic Charities

The Catholic Church is rooted in key principles of social justice. Among many others impactful endeavors, we can proudly claim to be on the forefront of aid to migrants and refugees.

The Center for Immigrant and Refugee Services at Catholic Charities is seeking volunteers with the following interests and expertise: law and legal matters; languages; teaching/training, and community navigation. Catholic Charities will train you and help apply your expertise where it’s most needed. 

Contact: Lucia Goyen



female + minority leadership opportunities

we are a pro-woman

committees, group and ministry leaders, advisory boards



LSA Family Health Service

Tutoring is one-on-one with the same child two days a week. Participants are mostly immigrant children who struggle to perform at their grade level and can’t always get the help they need from their parents. This is a unique opportunity to assist low-academic performing East Harlem children!

Details: No previous tutoring or teaching experience required. Students are in grades K-3 who participate in the Little Sisters of the Assumption’s After School Enrichment Program.

Dates: Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30PM. Must be willing to make at least a semester-long commitment.

Contact: Trish Gough


Bigs & Littles NYC Mentoring

Kids who participate in the Bigs & Littles NYC program are 75% more likely to receive a four-year college degree than their peers. Founded in 1902, they strive to transform the lives of children through one-to-one mentoring, while strengthening entire families in hardship. Mentors must be at least 21 years of age, interested in working with a young girl or boy between the ages of 7 -17, commit at least one year to their match relationship which includes meeting face-to-face with their mentee at least twice a month.

Contact: Josh Lamourt
212.475.3291 ext. 212



manager, players, organizing



Reunite Us Now NYC

employment/housing opportunities for immigrants



ali forney center

we believe in following jesus’ example and helping EVERYONE!


Last but not least



eucharistic ministries

play a part in our mass—spiritual plus community-building. you are here anyways why not make it even more worthwhile



do you have a special skill/talent we could do a workshop on? voluntee tour time, theoughout the year, we are always looking foe parishioners and community members to get involved!




cafe tables