POP-UP THEOLOGY at St Francis de Sales is a new series instituted by us to give our folks and their friends a venue for lively discussion on important topics of our day seen through the lens of our Catholic faith at our very own FRANK’S CAFE.

Our discussions cover various topics.  For example: the discussion on our southern border and a wall... what does our Catholic faith say in our tenets of social justice about how we are to treat and care for the stranger in our midst. Where do I stand on this issue as an intelligent, well read Catholic? Our speakers are all leaders in their fields, as professors of theology or writers/editors in major catholic periodicals. 

In keeping with SFDS mission we invite one and all.   Taking Jesus’ message of loving service to heart, all are welcome in our vibrant, hopeful, diverse, Eucharistic Community where we break and open the Word and discover God in our Midst.


inaugural pop-up theology line-up 2019

Thursday, may 20

Countertraditions to Adam and Eve

A conversation with Karina Hogan, PhD, Theology professor at Fordham University


may 25, 2019

Catholic Resistance to Nazism, 1930s-1940s: What Can We Learn Today?
A conversation with Brenna Moore, PhD, Theology Professor at Fordham University


APRIL 30, 2019

Women In The Church
A conversation with Kerry Weber, America Magazine


MARCH 28, 2019

The Sin of White Supremacy: Christianity, Racism, & Religious Diversity in the U.S.
A conversation with Jeannine Hill Fletcher, PhD, Theology Professor at Fordham University


FEBRUARY 28, 2019

Walking Side by Side: The Synod on Young People and the Church’s Future
A conversation with Griffin Oleynick, Commonweal Magazine


January 28, 2019

Immigration & Borders: Transnational Violence and the Challenge for the Church
A conversation with Leo Guardado, PhD, Theology Professor at Fordham University




We’ve decided to honor Father Neil by dedicating our talks and special events to his vision of how a Catholic life should be lived: by finding Jesus in everything! Frank’s Cafe is a space where we will facilitate dialogue to interpret how our faith plays into our daily modern lives. POP-UP THEOLOGY is part of the Msgr. Neil A. Connelly Lecture Series.