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when you give,
we give back

our q1 charity partner:

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Tithing in the 21st century can be confusing.

How much should I actually be giving?
Where is my money going?
How do I give if I can't make it to Mass?
My church asks me to give, but how are they giving back?


OUR numbers

Our weekly expenses at St. Francis average $9,475. This, divided by our current average attendance, comes to $18.95 per week, per adult. If we each generously commit to giving this amount or more, we will thrive as a parish and be blessed with the means to giveback.


OUR solution

Online Giving

Parishes with automatic online giving are statistically the healthiest financially. It's the easiest, greenest, and most consistent way to ensure St. Francis will be here for the long haul.


OUR giveback PLAN

Beginning each quarter, our St. Francis de Sales community will vote online for a new charity partner. Every penny given, online or traditionally, beyond our $9,475 weekly need will be allocated for and donated to the chosen cause.


Online giving is a win-win for all.

Please consider setting it, forgetting it, and joining The 18.95 Giveback.

You in?


our q1 charity partner

January 1 - April 1, 2019