Making a Joyful Noise

We're well into the cycle of ordinary time in our church year and I love the freedom that gives me to relax and breath in the goodness of the day to day. Whether the days be sunny and warm, or icy cold there's always something I can find on my walk to be grateful for. I'll admit though I prefer the sunny and warm mornings!

On Sundays, ordinary time calls us to sing our hearts out. Soon enough we'll enter the somber, reflective Lenten season. For now, I want to rejoice. We do that well at St Francis, in how we greet each other, how we sing, how we pray, how we share coffee and donuts in our newly named "Frank's Cafe" in the parish hall.

A famous actor once said that he never wanted to work with children or animals. When I watch our little ones on Sunday mornings, how they dance and respond to the music of our choir...I understand better what he meant. Our preachers have a daunting task in front of them each week because our little piano player and music lovers steal the show each week. Their joy is contagious.  When was the last time you let the glory of God's love for you just ooze out your very pores? How can we not get caught up in praise when we recognize all the good God has done for us?


What is an appropriate response to such joy? I think our responses are to sing louder, (maybe not better, but surely with even more heart!), to smile more, to engage with those around me in my pray more deeply and with a sureness of purpose. This God we love is real and all around us. We encounter God each day, but in such a special way on Sundays when we come to worship TOGETHER! In the Word, In Eucharist and IN EACH OTHER  God makes Godself present to us in such magnificent joy.  How can we not smile at one another.

This Sunday when you come to church, let the glory of God's love for you fill your heart, your eyes, your face, your voice....and come ready to celebrate. If you need an example of how to celebrate, just watch the little ones by the choir...they'll teach you everything you need to know!

Peace and good to each of you!

Jayne PorcelliComment