"Good Job, Mom!"

We all know that a word of gratitude or a compliment goes a very long way. We have made it through the crush of the holidays and slid maybe not so gently into our new year. We made it! And so we begin again, with 2019 open before us waiting to see what wonders God will put in our path.

The title of today's blog refers to a comment that one of our parishioners received from a person living on the street. She and her kids had been a part of our Christmas project where we put together gift bags for our homeless neighbors to be distributed over the holy days. As she and her son and daughter offered this gift to one gentleman, with an explanation that it came from their parish community, the gentleman offered her these complimentary words as a thank you for this gift: "Good Job Mom!"  What a beautiful way to say thank you. And yes, GOOD JOB to all our parents here who are doing such a praise worthy effort at raising good, holy and caring young people. We are honored to be a part of that process.

We all need and want to continue to learn how to better live out our faith. A new year is a great time to 'set an intention' for how we want to be attentive to some area of growth in our own lives. Today I suggest that one of our intentions may be to live lives more aware of those who have less than we. Catholic Social Teaching impels us to look beyond ourselves and to work for the good of others around us.

Here are some ideas, some events going on at St Francis that might be an inspiration to you:

Jan. 12 STILL WE GROW-An Immersive Theater Experience to Fight Human Trafficking 6 & 8 pm

Jan. 14 BOOK CLUB discussion Strength to Love by Dr Martin Luther King jr. 8pm

Jan. 24 Feast of St Francis de Sales--champion of spirituality for all people--
Jan. 27  FEAST DAY POT LUCK BRUNCH  12 noon....what will you bring to the table?

Jan. 29  Ecumenical Prayer hosted by SFDS with Brick Presbyterian and Church of the Living Hope. 6:30pm at St Francis. Come pray with your neighbors and build peace in our community.

Jan. 31 Inaugural Pop-Up Theology @ Frank's Cafe; A conversation with Dr. Brenna Moore, Professor from Fordham University Department of Theology: Catholic Resistance to Nazism, 1930s-1940s: What can we learn today?

I know sometimes the whole "new years resolution thing" can feel like it has defeated me before I even begin. Maybe it's just a difference in wording but the idea of 'setting an intention' feels more accessible to me. I don't feel like I've failed before I've even begun. As we move into the New Year, what are your hopes and dreams for yourself and for those you love? What are your deepest desires for the good of our church and of our world? Perhaps our prayer today is to find the first small step to begin to move into the direction of our future filled with whatever God has in store for us. God bless each of us as we begin our journey into 2019.  Wishing you much peace!

Jayne PorcelliComment