Jesus on Vacation

In Sunday's Gospel we hear that even Jesus and the disciples needed a chance to 'get away from it all' for a bit of rest and relaxation. Why is it, do you think, that we have such a hard time giving ourselves permission to take some time off the grid and just refresh and renew ourselves?

Theoretically we KNOW that time away from work, from ministry, will make us better, more effective, happier and healthier upon our return. Yet sometimes, for some of us, we may think we are indispensable, that everything at work will come to a grinding halt if we're not there to keep the wheels in motion.

I am happy that I have learned over the years that I am not indispensable, that work will continue without me, and that taking time to renew is good for me.

Self care is a popular topic these days I hear. I understand why. Everything about our society pushes us to be faster, stronger, and more ambitious with little thought to our hearts, minds and souls. I love that summer offers many of us an opportunity, even if just because of the heat, to slow ourselves down and be more deliberate in our actions and choices for how we spend our time. Aren't we given these long lovely summer nights to be outside enjoying concerts, picnics and sunsets? Last Monday evening I had the opportunity to host a meeting with some of my catechetical team members at a friends' rooftop garden. Now THAT'S the way to have a summer meeting! It was a great way to build community among ourselves as well, especially since we don't often have the time during the year to stop and enjoy one another.

So, how are you taking care of yourself this summer? In what ways are you slowing down and enjoying the long days and nights? Are you paying attention to the opportunities given to you to try new things, to explore those places you have been meaning to check out? Are you grateful to God for the folks who fill your life? Have you taken a few extra minutes for prayer and reflection when you can?

I hope so. I'm trying to do this as well. Tonight I'm on a plane to visit with family and friends (some of whom I've never met!) in Italy. I'm excited and grateful for this upcoming adventure.Time to relax, time to explore. Time to pray differently, (with an expresso overlooking the sea I hope!)  I pray for all of us, time to slow down and enjoy the world God has given us. Ciao for now!

Jayne Porcelli