Who is Mary to You?

December 9, 2018—St. Francis de Sales’ parish celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 9, 2018—St. Francis de Sales’ parish celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe


Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Many of us know Mary under so many different honorific titles drawn from the countries of our origins: Providencia, Mt Carmel, Caridad de Cobre, Altagracia, the more well known Lourdes and Fatima. Today of course we celebrate Mary under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Empress of the Americas!

I came to know our Lady of Guadalupe at the first parish I had the honor of serving in, back in the late 80s. From the community at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church I learned just how much a mother figure she was for so many young men and women far from their homeland. Homesick for their loved ones, their devotion to their heavenly mother touched me in ways I still ponder.

Someone this week described for me how much they depend on and look up to their own earthly mother, for strength, support and wisdom. In her own mother, she comes to know the love of God in a very real and concrete way. Doesn't Mary do this for all of us? She shows us the face of God, she points us to God, she is a doorway to the divine. What an amazing role to have taken on for that young girl from Galilee.

I see as I grow older, that our relationship with our mother changes in many ways for the better. In both cases, with my human mother as well as my heavenly mother, I look to them both for different types of love and support as I enter another phase of life. I am grateful that I've learned to appreciate them both for who they are in my life today.

What about you? Who is Mary for you at this point in your life's journey? How do  you call on her for wisdom or guidance? Do you remember to ask for her intercession? Do you rest confident in her love?

As we honor Mary under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, with mariachis and chocolate and roses and pan dulce, let us be grateful that this celebration brings joy and life to our church in such a delightful way in the midst of our Advent winter grayness. Que viva Our Lady of Guadalupe!

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