Look at Where You're Going!

As we start to approach the end of the church  year, the readings are very 'end times' and it gives us much to ponder. A recent Gospel reminded us that if we 'put our hand to the plow, we'd best not be looking behind us, but paying attention to where we are going. Like the magnet on my fridge says: Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.


When I think about the plowing image...or, in contemporary times maybe Jesus would be saying something like "look up from your phone once in awhile and pay attention to what's in front of you!" I wonder what Jesus is really asking us? My guess is, it's a question of trust. Do we trust God enough, believe in God's word enough to know that the path God has set us on will lead to life, and to good things? I suspect if we're not sure, we'll keep looking over our shoulder wondering about the what if's and what could have beens. In the end, wondering about the road not taken doesn't really help me move forward in life does it?

Sometimes, like my beloved niece Danielle, all we can do is take the opportunity that is given to us and run with it. Receiving the possibility of a second job offer on the day you begin your very first adult job is disconcerting for sure. God does like to mess around in our lives doesn't God? What do we do? I firmly believe that if we have made what we think is the best possible decision for ourselves, then when other options present themselves, if the timing isn't right, we need to be grateful for the offer, and be faithful to what we have already chosen in good conscience. How many times in life have we learned that choosing one path necessitates letting go of another? I think we find happiness on the journey if we walk confidently down our chosen path knowing that God will be with us, leading and guiding us into new life and wonderful surprises.

I pray that we all have the courage to follow the path that God has shown us, and that we find much joy on the journey.

Jayne Porcelli