No class due to Veteran’s Day holiday. See you at Mass!


We are holding a special blessing for the children on Sun, November 11th in honor of Mother Cabrini, patron saint of immigrants at our 12:30 Spanish Mass, followed by a pizza party! Our social justice ministry volunteers have worked extremely hard to organize this in conjunction with several local faith leaders. It’s important to honor our kids and immigrants, especially in these difficult times. Everyone is invited!
¡Estamos celebrando una bendición especial para los niños el domingo 11 de noviembre en honor de la Madre Cabrini, santa patrona de los inmigrantes durante la misa de la 12:30 en español, seguido por una fiesta de pizza! Nuestros voluntarios del ministerio de justicia social han trabajado extremadamente duro para organizar esto junto con varios líderes religiosos locales. Es importante honrar a nuestros hijos e inmigrantes, especialmente en estos tiempos difíciles. ¡Todos están invitados!


Can we suggest a topic of discussion for your kids based on Sunday’s Gospel, Mark 12:38-44?

What am I willing to share with someone else? 👨‍👩‍👧💭🗣

Upcoming Choir Dates

  • Sun, November18th @10:00-10:30AM–rehearsal for 5th & 6th graders

  • Sun, November 25th @9:00AM–Youth Choir sings at the 9:00 Mass. Featuring our 5th & 6th graders.
    All youth are welcome to participate.


what’s new for parents

Join Our New Facebook Group For SFDS Parents


NEW! We’ve created a private Facebook group exclusively for SFDS Parents. We'll share announcements relevant to families, Catholic-inspired content especially for parents, and best of all you can communicate with each other. We hope this becomes a strong faith-based community hub for our parishioners with kids. Please join us online:

A Father Kelly Reading recommendation:

Why I want my daughter to grow up in a noisy, chaotic Catholic Church
by Katie Prejean McGrady

In case you missed this on our Facebook page, here’s a wonderful article from America Magazine that perfectly encapsulates the sort of parish we strive to be: A NOISY ONE! Pope Francis recently called on youth to “make more noise.” Where there is noise, there is joy and energy and activity. And if you are making noise, you’ll likely feel more comfortable to smile at a fellow parishioner, make thoughtful suggestions to help our parish grow, and make your place within our SFDS Family.



rcia kids

Sunday, october 28, 2018

rite of acceptance (& a rite of welcome)


family faith formation

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Family Choir, “Who our Saints are,” + Pumpkin Carving


2018-2019 calendar



Sept 9 or 16 Orientation

Oct 14 Family Faith & Pumpkin Party
Oct 28 Rite of Initiation for RCIA Kids

Nov 4 Small Christian Community for Parents
Nov 18 Parent Session on Self Care

Dec 2 Small Christian Community for Parents

Jan 6 Small Christian Community for Parents
Jan 13 Parent Session on Anxiety

Feb 3 Small Christian Community for Parents

March 3 Small Christian Community for Parents
April 7 Small Christian Community for Parents


Sunday Class Schedule

Sundays from 10:00-11:00AM

September 9 or 16 Orientation
Sept 23
Sunday Classes Begin
Sept 30 NO CLASS

Oct 7 Class
Oct 14 Family Faith & Pumpkin Party
Oct 21 Class
Oct 28 Class

Nov 4 Class
Nov 11 Veteran’s Day—NO CLASS
Sat, Nov 17 10-4PM Confirmation Retreat
Nov 18 Class
Nov 25 Thanksgiving—NO CLASS


Dec 2 Class
Dec 9 Class
Dec 16 Class
Dec 23 Christmas Party
Dec 30 Holiday Break—NO CLASS

Jan 6 Class
Jan 13 Class
Jan 20 Class
Jan 27 Class

Feb 3 Class
Sat, Feb 9 2-6PM Retreat & Mass
Feb 10 Class
Feb 17 Winter Break—NO CLASS
Feb 24 Winter Break—NO CLASS
Tue, Feb 26 7PM First Reconciliation


March 3 Class
March 10 Family Faith
March 17 Class
March 24 Class
March 31 NO CLASS (Catechist Brunch)

April 7 Class
April 14 Palm Sunday—NO CLASS
April 21 Easter—NO CLASS
April 28 Class/Communion Practice

May 5 First Communion @ 9AM Mass
May 12 Mothers Day/May Crowning
May 14 Confirmation at Ascension Church
May 19 Last Class


RCIA Kids Class Schedule

Mondays from 4:00-5:30PM

Sept 24 RCIA Kids Class

Oct 1 RCIA Kids Class
Oct 15 RCIA Kids Class
Oct 28 Rite of Initiation @ Sunday Mass
Oct 29 RCIA Kids Class

Nov 5 RCIA Kids Class
Nov 19 RCIA Kids Class


Dec 3 RCIA Kids Class
Dec 17 RCIA Kids Class

Jan 7 RCIA Kids Class
Jan 14 RCIA Kids Class
Jan 28 RCIA Kids Class

Feb 4 RCIA Kids Class
Feb 11 RCIA Kids Class
Feb 25 RCIA Kids Class


March 4 RCIA Kids Class
March 11 RCIA Kids Class
March 18 RCIA Kids Class

April 1 RCIA Kids Class
April 8 RCIA Kids Class
April 15 RCIA Kids Practice
April 29 RCIA Kids Class

May 5 RCIA Kids Class
May 20 RCIA Kids Class